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I just started blogging last month and I soaked this up — going to be a huge help! One question — any advice on how to get started guest posting? As an example, what would it take to have a guest post of mine on Afford Anything? Hi Chris, Pretty new blogger here too. From my understanding, doing guest posts depends on your network and community. Indie devs and entrepreneurial sorts are my main demographics. So, get out and network.

Online, I met a gaming attorney through Gamasutra by commenting on his posts and he invited me to appear on his podcast, then because we had the relationship built up by the time my blog launched I was happy to have him do a guest post when he asked. Thanks for your thoughts Rachel. Definitely makes sense that a lot is just networking and being involved. Fantastic post!!! One of the most straight-forward tips I picked up from you was blockquotes. I like to have conversations with myself too, but I never thought of using blockquotes to help make it easier to scan.

My revenue model is very similar. I make a lot from consulting and providing content to brands, but my site itself makes almost nothing. But I do think logical affiliate integration is certainly an area I could improve upon. One thing I really need to amp up are my list building efforts.

Thanks Paula. I had to take some time to think about this before commenting. I will have to do some soul searching later. I read everything here except for the monetization section which I only skimmed. I gave up on blogging for income months ago and now it is a crime of passion.

I want to serve readers better but need to serve myself too. The frequent posts keep me on target and accountable. I feel like I am letting trusted readers down if I take long breaks from managing my portfolio. Also, I check in with my weight each Monday and it has kept me more motivated for weight loss than any other trick. Anyway, I have a couple ideas that need longer than normal treatment and I think, thanks to you, I might go all-in and do an in depth analysis even if it takes several weeks to pound it out.

Terrific post Paula! This is one topic I was hoping you would write more about. This will actually help me frame some of the questions I hope to ask you in a consultation call later this spring! I have some knowledge about each area you write about, but I find all of the areas incredibly interesting. You brought up many things I had not yet considered. In addition to making me feel better about awful first posts.

Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom! I signed up for your online business list, but it looks like it took me to an airbnb list which is not what I intended. Hi Mollie, This is Will. Anyway, I saw that you signed up on the form for online business, so you should be good! If you got any errant emails or otherwise thought you were being erroneously directed into an Airbnb list, please just forward it to me.

You can email me at will affordanything. I also wanted to mention that you do not have any control over affiliates. To make affiliate commission a significant part of your model would be a risky idea. Consulting also would not be considered Fastlane either because you are directly trading time for money.

This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing all these nuggets of hard earned wisdom with this community. Truly amazing and top notch info. Love, love, love your style of writing, when I read I feel like I am sitting down chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Keep it up! When I grow up I want to be like you! Forget for a sec that I am 10 years older than you! Perfect timing for this post. I literally got my own blog up and running yesterday. Thanks for all you do! Paula this article was amazingly helpful. I can see the benefits to shortening the topics and setting a more tunneled focus, but this is so much more inspirational, and it all leads to the main goal….

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Financial Freedom!!! I found this article pretty interesting. Do you plan on making enough money on the upcoming courses to actually make the last 5 years worth it? In my life, real estate is a means to an end. The only reason I invest in real estate is to earn money, which provides a safety net that allows me to do other things that I enjoy.

All Freelance Writing - Your Secret to Freelance Writing Success

Those things include writing and traveling. Writing was the gateway to blogging. And blogging became the gateway into podcasting, social media, interacting with readers both online and face-to-face.

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  • Basically, this is what I enjoy doing during my time. Leaving behind real estate assets for your children and grandchildren is a fantastic legacy. Real estate also allows you to impact the lives of your tenants in a positive way.

    The Music Blogger Generating $10,000 Per Week, Charging Customers $1

    So I mean no offense to people who view real estate as their legacy. Realized Income I can see the issue both ways re: Does Catalyst income constitute blogging income? At a business level, Afford Anything has been the lead-generator for Catalyst. Could I have skipped the blog, started Catalyst, and found clients in some other way?

    Of course.

    It all started with a music blog…

    That would probably be much more efficient. But Afford Anything allows me to focus on this blog without needing to find business. No pitching, no cold calls, no networking events.

    I just grow the blog, and the consulting business comes to me. SpaceX earns money by delivering things to space. Their mission — their purpose — is to reduce the cost of space travel for the entire aerospace industry, so that interplanetary travel can become economically feasible. So humans can move to Mars.

    The way that Afford Anything earns money at least right now is different than the reason why it exists. We make money through blog and social media consulting, but we exist to teach people how to reach financial freedom.

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    • I would like to align the income with the purpose. But that conflicts with why this blog exists. It was the first time I felt like this for a blogpost! Yes, Paula…please write more of these articles!

      All Freelance Writing

      One was to look into investing in real estate thanks Paula and other bloggers! I am starting my own blog. I just wrote my first 4 articles which are being edited from a professional because English is not my first language so at least the style part and grammar will be saved. This is just freaking amazing! I want to be just like you when I grow up, or at least when I start my blog and purchase rental properties. You are, by far, my favorite financial blog out there — precisely because of all of the things out outline in this post.

      Infrequent yet quality content. Use of negative space.


      No SEO-generic lists. Last but not least, you write with passion on a topic that could, in the wrong hands, become dry. Yours is a real estate investing blog, after all. But finding passive income opportunities seems to be a main focus of yours. Since its inception in , it has returned an average of 8.

      In other words, I am pretending that your properties are all paid off and you have no mortgage payment.